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The Problem With
conventional plastic


There was a collective sigh of relief when 'biodegradable plastic' or PLA hit the market. But we soon discovered that PLA lasts forever as micro-plastic and can only be completely composted in industrial composting facilities. PLA is just as permanent as plastics when such a composting facility is unavailable locally. Unfortunately, industrial composting facilities are not very common.


Paper straws make sense to us. Of course, paper biodegrades, right? Wrong. Many paper straws use adhesives that make them incompatible with current recycling systems. On top of that, we need to culitivate and protect more forests. Should this be the replacement of plastic, the volume required to supply the world with paper straws is simply impossible for our forests to sustain.

Origo RiceStraws™

Our first product, Origo RiceStraws™ decompose without requiring any additives or any special facility. Even if it lands in the ocean before it decomposes, it is safe for wildlife to eat.


We have a factory in
Malaysia that is able to
produce 1.5 million pieces
of RiceStraws TM daily .

We can also set up a micro factory at the clients' production facility to reduce the carbon footprint of our products.



YT Law


YT Law is the CEO of Origo Eco Sdn Bhd. He is the brain behind the science and technology of Origo. He works closely with the R&D team to continuously come up with new technology to produce various kinds of biodegradable products.

He has 22 years of manufacturing solution experience, an expert in various kinds of customized commercial scale machineries for different industries. He has a Bachelor (Hons) Degree in Computing & IS and Master in Business Administration.

SeauYeen Su

Manager Growth & Partnership

Su is the Growth & Partnership Manager of Origo Eco Sdn Bhd. She focuses on scaling up and growing the company while working with various partners across different industries to achieve the biggest impact. She was awarded as Malaysia's Top 10 Female social entrepreneur in her social enterpreneurship journey.

She has a Bachelor (Hons) Degree in Electronic Engineering and a diverse, vast background in industries ranging from IT, engineering, hospitality and even agriculture.

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